2000 - 2005   Restoration of various antique drums. Among them a 32" Leedy bass drum and a 28" Sonor bass drum from the 20's, for which there were no matching bags to be had. The first bags for these drums were made out of tarpaulin and linen.

2006   After buying several stick bags and being annoyed at the limited life span, I researched and made drafts for my own stick bag.
Around the same time, I had bought an old leather stick bag and started to design and make numerous bags out of different materials. I came to the decision that leather was the most durable material. As sewing by hand wasn't very practical, I then bought a 'decent' sewing machine for 26,50 Euro.
The restoration and conversion of this 100 year-old machine took me into the spring of 2007.

2007   After tedious testing of material, design and production of patterns, the first small line of samples for the first stick bags was born.
Training courses for sewing and saddlery.
Acquisition and restoration of further antique sewing machines and the setting up of a workshop.
Design and development of a 24" cymbal bag.
Begin of the label BAGBEAT.
First product photos were made and www.bagbeat.de went online.

2008   Exhibitor in March 2008 at the 'Vintage Drum Meeting' in Neu-Isenburg and in October at the 'Trommeltagen' (drumming days) in Ludwigsburg.
New contacts were made. 'Drum House in Waldkirch', 'Herr Vogelmann's wunderbarer Trommelladen' in Ludwigsburg and 'drumladen' in St. Leon-Rot are the first retailers to offer BAGBEAT products.
The first hardware bag as a backpack was developed in this year.

2009   Exhibitor at the 'Vintage Drum Meeting' in Neu-Isenburg. First contact with Christian Färber of 'Drumdesign' from Austria during a visit to the Music Fare in Frankfurt am Main.
Exhibitor at the 'Drumdesign' In-House Fare.
Design, development and production of bags for the new 'Traveller Kit' from Drumdesign.
Production of a prototype for the hardware trolley.
Exhibitor at the 'Trommeltagen Ludwigsburg'.
Stefan Emser from 'Schlagwerkstatt.at' presents BAGBEAT products in his store.
Development and realization of the new company's profile during this year.

2010   Just in time for the Music Fare in Frankfurt am Main, the new Website and fantastic flyer have been completed!
The purchase and repair of more antique sewing machines.
Tests on drums and percussion and BAGBEAT is raffling stickbags (see news).
Testing of different saddle and sleek leathers.
Contact with Udo Masshof of 'Masshof Drums' Berlin.

2011   Exhibitor together with 'Masshof Drums' at the Music Fair Rendsburg
Stickbags are now also available in 'natural leather'.
Another test and raffle publicised in Drumheads! (see news)
Development of the Stickbag 'Klassik' for orchestra drummers with many mallets and special sticks.
Different options for the Stickbags i.e. a detachable outer pocket for music notes A4/US Letter have been developed and offered.
Bassdrum Beater for 'vintage' sounds has been developed together with 'Masshof Drums'.
Website now in English.