Large main pocket can be opened extremely wide due to 2 extra-strong metal zippers on the side.

The bags are made completely of a double layer of leather. Total strength of 3mm!
The sides and top have been additionally stiffened.

The lining of the main pocket is of light-coloured leather. Brings light into the darkness!

Extra external pockets can be made on request.

The inside of the base area is lined with rubber protection.

2 adjustable straps of pliable leather inside to hold tripods.

Strong handstraps made of pliable leather attached at top and bottom of bag.

Invisible wooden flooring made of beech laminated wood.

Exposed parts protected by rubber protection.

The bag can be made as a trolley with rubber wheels which are attached to an aluminium plate (5mm thick). The chassis can carry 80kg!
The bag can also be made as a backpack: 2 pliable and adjustable leather straps, with wide shoulder padding (50mm) lined with 10mm felt for maximum carrying comfort. Extra leather padding for the back which is also lined and stitched with 10mm of felt.

At the base (H & W): 37x 32cm
At the top (H & W): 22x 22cm
Height and total length: 83cm
Weight: ca. 9,5kg according to extras